In Fit 13 Pro

In Fit 13 Pro

In fit 13 Pro

  • Dimensions: 92” x 156’ x 53”
  • Water Capacity: 1.252 US Gallons
  • Filled Weight: 12.570 LBS
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Download Specs Spa/Jet Configs Plumbing Architectural
92” x 156’ x 53”
234 cm x 396 cm x 135 cm
Water Capacity
1.615 US Gallons
6.113 Liters
Filled Weight
14.795 LBS
6.711 kg
Dry Weight
2.179 LBS
988 kg
Electrical Requirements
240 V
Swim Jet 3 River Jet
Swim Jet Pump (3) 7.0 BHP (3.0 HP)
Leveler Jet 1
Row Seat Therapy Jets 14
Therapy Jet Pump 5.0 BHP (2.5 HP)
Aqua Klean Filters 3
CD Ozone Standard
Led Lights 5
Water Fountains 8
Standard Color Sterling silver
Thermoplus Cabinet

Sterling silver

In Fit 13 Pro

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