Product Installation

Manufacturers today specify that their products need to be installed only by properly trained and certified installers. Here at Stove and Spa Center we require our installers to become NFI certified for the products we sell and install. This gives you the confidence that your product is properly installed according to all manufacturer and legal requirements. In addition, most manufacturers require their products to be installed by certified installers for their warranties to be valid. Let our installation department give you the confidence and peace of mind you desire and deserve.

Product Service

Even the best products fail or break down. Sometimes it’s product failure; sometimes it’s neglect (needs annual or periodic service). Either way, Stove and Spa Center has you covered. We have a factory trained and certified service department with the knowledge and proper tools to evaluate and diagnose the problem and fix it. We don’t want you left in the cold; we want to make your life more comfortable. Let our service department keep you enjoying our products for years to come. For specific services we offer, please contact our service department.

Water Analysis

Here at Stove and Spa Center we offer complete water testing services for spas and pools on chlorine, bromine and biguanide systems. Our modern lab is equipped with the latest in software to ensure that your spa and pool ownership is as care-free as possible. Staff members are certified on each water chemistry system to accurately interpret test results for you. Each time you visit us we will print out a complete analysis of your water with precise recommendations on what to add, how much and when. All test results are then saved to create a water chemistry profile for your pool or spa. Our goal is to make your life more comfortable!

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Hearth Remodels

Stove and Spa Center can do your entire hearth remodel from beginning to end – one company to interact with. We are licensed B, C61 and D34 contractors (Lic. #603294). We can perform demolition and removal of old and existing products, as well as framing, gas, electric and installation of your new products. Stove & Spa Center is the only specialty hearth retailer in the Central Coast area who will accept responsibility from beginning to end. We can perfom all general contracting, masonry, plumbing, electrical and framing work you need. Our turn-key remodeling services will provide all the services you need to create a beautiful new hearth.

Site Surveys & Job Checks

Not sure just where to place that spa or woodstove? We can send an expert to your home for a site survey and then we’ll give you feedback on what will work best for you. Contact our store for details. Naturally, we prefer that you come into our store and see the products to decide which you like most, as a time-saving feature. Let us help you do it right the first time!