Hearth Product Customers


By: Joanie & Todd Virgil ,Santa Margarita

Dear Lora,

Just a quick note to say Thank You (!) for the generosity of your time and expertise today — and ‘after hours’ no less! You are a true professional – and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Todd and I will stop by one of these days to further educate ourselves so that when we do buy a stove – it will be the right one.
I’m soooooo glad I contacted you this afternoon; your insight saved us a l-o-n-g roundtrip drive to the bay area – and helped us avoid being disapp’ted owners of an item deemed unusable. Your husband is one lucky duck having such a capable and caring business partner – and you can tell him we said so 😉

Take care – and enjoy your upcoming days off….

By: Bill w ,templeton

I am in the sales and service arena and appreciate any company that does it well regardless of size. Lora was very helpful and patient with the choosing of my stove and Wes did a beautiful installation on time with no mess.
First rate all the way around.

By: Dave and Jim Fretwell

We are so thrilled with our BIS Panoramic fireplace, we just LOVE it!!  I know we really had a challenging install for you and we really appreciate all your hard work, Wes and Lora, in finding something that would work for our log cabin.

There are lots of hearth dealers out there but people should know there is a big difference – you guys are the BEST, and your installers were WONDERFUL!  They know what they are doing, get in and out quickly, and were so nice.

You guys really know your stuff!


By: Dave and Becky Boorman ,Atascadero

We purchased a new high effeciency wood stove from The Stove and Spa Shop largely due to the outstanding value and service our son had experienced with them. We were not dissapointed. The whole job went great from selection of the stove to the bid to the completed installation. An extremely professional, personable and knowledgable business.

By: Lynette & Lou Tornatzky

We are so pleased with our new fireplace insert!!!!!!
It looks even better than we thought – the custom color that they were able to provide made it just perfect. It is so warm and cozy and it has really improved the character of the room. We had been to several places looking, but the service at Atascadero Stove & Spa is what got us to buy here. And the measuring and installation was so perfect! Really great people to work with, so friendly and knowledgeable! We recommend them to anyone who wants a fireplace re-do! They REALLY know their stuff!

By: Richard Erickson

The stove looks great and I’m looking forward to using it this winter. The Install team worked really hard – you have some great guys!

Thank you for all your help, Lora. I’m very happy with my new pellet stove.

Your friend,

By: Dave and Jan Fretwell

We are so thrilled with our BIS Panoramic fireplace, we just LOVE it!! I know we really had a challenging install for you and we really appreciate all your hard work, Wes and Lora, in finding something that would work for our log cabin. There are lots of hearth dealers out there but people should know there is a big difference – you guys are the BEST, and your installers were WONDERFUL! They knew what they are doing, got in and out quickly, and were so nice. You guys really know your stuff! Best,

By: John Marc Wiemann

Dear Wes and Lora,

Thank you for the outstanding service from you and your team. Everyone was professional, courteous and thorough. Very impressive!

We love our Country stove and will certainly refer people to you for their stove and spa needs.

God Bless!

By: Howard & Betty Cowan ,Arroyo Grande

“We are enjoying our stove a lot and getting lots of compliments! It’s just so neat to think the flip of a switch can do it all. A very wise choice! Thank you!”

By: Paul & Laurie Bross ,Atascadero

“This is just a short note to thank you for the prompt and courteous service you afforded us in fixing the thermostatic blower on our stove. It works like a champ and is heating nearly all of our 1600 sq. ft. home. We are so pleased with the stove, especially with the fact that it completely reduces ALL wood to ash so we can clean it out with our Shop Vac. We are very glad we chose the CBS 41 and more importantly that we chose you as our dealers.

By: Connie Jespersen

” For the last five years I have enjoyed some of my favorite moments in front of the Country Firestar gas insert I purchased from Stove and Spa. Each morning, I spend quiet time in the comfort and warmth of the now care-free ‘fireplace’. Not only is the unit esthetically pleasing, and soothing to my weary bones, but it serves to heat the area very nicely. And one little thermostat control is all the effort it takes. I have often wondered why it took us so long to ‘switch over’. I love my Country gas insert.”

By: Steve & Sue Weiss

“We have purchased two stoves over the last thirteen years from Stove and Spa Center. Two things have made them stand out: a very large selection of wood burning stoves and a family-owned business offering knowledge and hands on service. We have enjoyed our second stove over the past seven years, and appreciate this dealer for the excellent product and service they have been proven to provide.”

By: Rusty and Bev Johnson

“We purchased a T-Top Country Stove around 12 years ago from Stove and SpaCenter. We have been extremely pleased with its efficiency. Since purchasing this woodstove, we never have to run our forced air furnace. We have atwo-story, 2500 sq. ft. home and this wood-burning stove will heat our entire house sufficiently throughout the cold season. We would recommend it to anyone.The advice we received from the Stove and Spa professionals met all our needs in this purchase. My husband and I are very pleased with the stove.It’s paid for itself over and over!”

By: Dick and Gloria Smith

atascadero stove and spa center happy clients Dick and Gloria Smith We couldn’t be happier with our new fireplace insert. And what makes it even greater— the wonderful couple Lora and Wesley; proprietors or the store. They were superb in their warmth and wisdom dealing with the two of us.

By: Arroyo Grande ,CA

Two very satisfied customers When we decided to replace our non-heating decorative gas fireplace (F/P) with a heating F/P, we approached several F/P dealers. Only one was willing to take full responsibility for the job, from demolition to final checkout: Atascadero Stove and Spa. Owners Lora and Wes Dawes made sure that our needs were fully met. Wes and Travis performed the entire task, with the help of tile-man Pat, in a very professional manner, completing the project to our full satisfaction. We would recommend them without any reservations.

By: Bob & Penny Morris

happy customers When we decided to replace our non-heating fireplace with an EPA fireplace we found that the folks at Stove and Spa of Atascadero beat out the other’s in the county for quality and service. We purchased a Country fireplace one day and it was installed within a few days… five years later we returned to Stove and Spa to look at their spas (after looking at the other dealers) and purchased a spa from them and had it delivered within the same week… We are very happy with the products from Stove and Spa Center.

Thank you Lora and Wesley for all that you do.

By: Danna Wiedner & Tom Cash

Very Happy Customers We have both a Hot Springs spa (our 3rd) and a Kozy Heat fireplace insert. We are thrilled with both! The sales process, delivery and installation on both were friendly, helpful, expert and prompt. The Dawes were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. We would definitely recommend their company; we know you won’t be anything but satisfied.

By: The “go for it” girl (Debbie Gower)

Outstanding Service!! I just purchased our second unit from The Stove and Spa Center in Atascadero. The customer service and knowledge was outstanding and it made my purchase a positive one. I would HIGHLY recommend this business to anyone looking for stove or spa needs. I also own a spa and buy all my supplies there.

Great job guys..

Hot Tub Customers


By: Lora, Atascadero

Thank you! Love my spa! Works great, easy to take care of, helps my back and so relaxing at night. The guys helped tremendously when delivering and setting it up. I could not have asked for better service! Took several tries to get the chemicals right, but finally got it! LOL Again, thank you as I was debating for a spa for a long time….just had to save some money and its’ WELL WORTH IT!!!

By: Steve and Carol Calagna, Paso Robles

We debated for a long time whether we would use a spa or not, where we would put one, if it would really help our backs, how much trouble would the spa be to take care of, and things like that. We love our spa! We found the perfect place for our two person spa and we enjoy it immensely! It actually does help our backs and it is a great place to relax and at the end of a long day and enjoy some quiet conversation. Having you guys at Stove and Spa there to answer any questions is a real plus as well. Thank you Wes and Lora for a great experience! We recommend this experience to everyone!

By: Will and Jayma, San Luis Obispo

Viewing, purchasing, installing, and enjoying our new Hot Springs hot tub from Stove and Spa Center was a pleasure from beginning to end. Lora is completely knowledgeable about the products she sells. I especially appreciated the fact that she did not try to “sell us up” when we said we wanted only a two-person spa.

Wesley set up the spa perfectly and the delivery crew was friendly and put the spa in a perfect spot, despite our backyard being fairly inaccessible.

The quiet motor that keeps the water at our desired temp at all times is great; you can barely hear it. In all, this purchase was a pleasurable experience and we recommend Stove and Spa Center enthusiastically.

By: Murray, Atascadero

We purchased our firebox from “Stove and Spa” about 2 years ago. You are not going to find a more reputable place to deal with! A few months ago there was a recall on the unit. Lora contacted us directly – immediately sent a repair man out to replace the part. This is an excerpt I wrote to the owner of Stove and Spa regarding the repair man:

The “young man” you sent out did an EXCELLENT job on the firebox service & “recall repair”. While I am a perfectionist (probably reason I do most of my own work, this “kid” really impressed me. I came home while he was in the middle of working; he had all of his tools laid out and organized; the hearth was covered and well protected; he had cleaned the glass; completely cleaned the interior of the box – just really did a nice job. When I asked about a recommendation, he did write it down and followed up.

Lastly, the best thing I can and will do for your shop is spread the word and continue to do business with you!

Thank you again!
These people really are the best in every aspect!

By: Phil Knightbridge

I wanted to thank you for getting our tub installed this past Saturday – everything went very smoothly, the craning over the house was quite a feat!

The tub filled and heated up very quickly – and also looks great in position on the patio – thanks Wesley for making sure it was leveled properly!

Patty and I are looking forward to many relaxing ‘soaks’! Now all I need is a little more saving to afford that pizza oven! 🙂 All the very best to you and thanks again for everything, in particular for storing the tub all this time.

By: Gary Plotner and Jenny Chadburn, Nipomo

We thoroughly enjoy using the hot tub we purchased from you. It is our nightly ritual to soak when the sun goes down, watch the stars come out, and relax.
Thank you for helping us find the perfect spa for us to enjoy for many years to come!

By: Betsy Fields, Los Osos

We love, love, love our new Hot Spot TX which we purchased from you after the Home Show in SLO in Sept. It’s just right for the two of us and we enjoy sitting on our deck and watching the stars while soaking in the tub.

By: Phillip Tennell, San Luis Obispo

Just wanted to say I bought a floor model hot tub at the beginning of the year and have enjoyed it every day since the purchase. Recently the tub became foul and would not heat. I was so worried it would be non operational for a long period of time. A simple phone call to Wes and Lora and in just a couple of days my Hot tub was functional again. I can’t thank the staff enough at the Stove and Spa Center.

By: Bill and Marie Bryant


What a blessing… this is the first time that Marie hasn’t hurt!  The spa really helps with her pain.  We want to thank you SO much – Josh and Mike were so nice when they delivered the spa.  They were very professional and did such a fine job of leveling the spa. 
It’s beautiful and we love it!

By: Brian and Aimee Bethel

We love the new spa!  We use it nearly every night.  It’s such a pleasant feeling… the hot bubbly water.  Sometimes when we get in it, it just “A-A-A-H-H-H” You just melt down.  We look at the trees and the stars.

Thank you!

By: Phil and Linda Lawrence

Dear Wes and Lora,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our HotSpring Sovereign spa.  It’s been a little more than a year since we purchased it.

You have spent many good times soaking in the spa with our daughter Jennifer (who is now in China) Each night when Linda and I are in the spa we can feel her presence there with us.

The spa has helped us with restoration and relieving the pain of sore joints.  We have never regretted buying it – we are living in it.

Yours truly,

By: Bill and Diane Weatherford

Dear Lora,

You know, we’ve had our spa for just over one year and we are still loving it.  It is the focal point of our backyard and we have designed everything around it.

Our spa is our “signal” – each night we get in it to first relax and be together.  We talk, we stargaze, our two Golden Retrievers like to stand on the steps.

It’s just so pretty, and has made a huge difference in our time together.  Thanks again!

By: The Tweton Family

We absolutely LOVE our spa!  We have been using it everyday.  It’s wonderful and very convenient, just six feet from our bedroom door.  We have all been enjoying it and both our grandsons have been in it and think it’s cool.  Thank you so much for all the great service and help.

You guys are the best!

By: Don Hice


We bought a Hot Spring Vanguard a year ago… it was the best decision we ever made.  I get in my spa and afterwards I sleep like a baby.  I never wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  Our favorite jets are the moto massage and the pulsating rotary jets.

The chlorine-free Everfresh water care system makes using the spa so nice and it’s super simple to maintain.  I just throw some shock in and we’re good to go.  You know my brother has purchased 2 Hot Spring spas and has avoided having to have neck surgery.  We love our spa and wouldn’t want any other brand.

By: Brent and Stephanie Vanderweide

We love our Tiger River Caspian!  With the EverFresh water care system the water feels great!  And with the big cool-off bench our baby ban enjoy it with my wife and I without the jets being too much for him.  we absolutely made the right choice!

By: Al Brady

My spa is great.  I use it at least 3 times a week.  My lovely wife gave it to me for Christmas.

By: Charles Palmer

I’ve never had a spa before but the one I bought is marvelous!  And I enjoy it very much!

By: Al Lioy

We bought our spa July 1993 and have enjoyed it very much.  I like the idea of having the heater on all the time.  Whenever we decide to get into our spa, the water is at the right temp.  Their service dept. is great and very friendly.  All their employees are very good representatives.

By: VandenEikhof’s

We bought our Grandee Summer of ’03 and have loved it.  Our family of five uses it at lease once daily.  You folds are great to deal with too.

By: Old Framer (Brian Jones)

I have had my spa for 2 years.  I use it 2 times a day, first when I get up at 5:30am and then again at bedtime.  My work days have become more productive!

By: Jo Ernest and Donna Verbeckmoes

We are enjoying our new spa very much!!  We are in it almost every day or night.  The guys did a great job on the installation, & the crane was right on time, and efficient.

Lora, thank you for the great assistance you provided while we were purchasing our spa.  We feel that we get a great deal, and we were happy to give you our business.

By: Michael and Maria Barr

We absolutely enjoy the spa and do not regret one cent that we spent on it.  Your friendliness and knowledge of the product made our decision smooth sailing so to speak.  We compared other spa dealers in SLO county and you always came out on top.

By: Marlan J. Holland

Dear Lora,

Just a note to let you know how happy we are with our new Jetsetter spa.  As you know, we had a redwood deck custom built just off our second story master bedroom to accommodate it.  Your crew was able to roll it in through the front door on a dolly, down a hall into the bedroom, and right out onto the deck.  It was all amazingly painless.

What a spot to relax in a hot tub, valley views down below seen through thick oak woods.  Sunsets are very special, as you can imagine.  The spa sits less than two feet from the head of our bed, yet as you promised, is so silent that we never hear a sound from the heating system.

Thanks for the professional way your staff handled the sale and installation and for your ongoing assistance in analyzing our water samples.


Marian J. Holland Atascadero

By: Bob and Phyllis Harrison

Hi Lora!

It’s good to see you after all these years.  We have had our Sovereign for over 12 years and we are still very happy with it.  My wife has been having lots of shoulder pain recently and it helps her a lot to soak the pain away.  We are just now replacing the filter after 12 years!

By: Lori Brown

Hi Lora,

I wanted to let you know that “I LOVE MY SPA”.  It is wonderful.  We have all enjoyed it greatly.  I am now able to sleep better at night, and my neck is getting better.  I know that when I do yard work and such (or it has been a long day with all the children) I just keep telling myself “spa tonight”.  Thanks so much for all your help and for Wes and Mike who helped at our delivery.

Thanks again,

Lori Parewin

By: Al and Vicky Moore

Boy, do we LOVE our new hot tub!  We spent 2 hours in it the first night.  We’ve never slept better in our lives!  The blue light reflecting off the pearl interior is just gorgeous.  Each night we hurry home thru the heavy traffic, excited to know that our Hotspring spa is just waiting for us. 
Thanks Lora! 
We’re VERY satisfied!

By: Dan and Sara Field

We are LOVING our new hot tub! It has been wonderful to get up each morning and greet the day in it (here in cambria). It’s so peaceful, with the birds singing and the fog whispering through the treetops – oh my goodness, are we glad we bought it!

Thank you, Lora, for making it so easy to get our spa.
It’s a great way to wake up.

By: Jan Whiteley, Paso Robles

Highly recommend this company for buying and delivering your spa! Very friendly and laid back atmosphere. Excellent products. We had researched other brands and stores around us. Lora and Wesley are very friendly, yet professional and know their products. We bought the Limelight Flair floor model and its so beautiful. Delivery was great, and the spa is up and running. We will be enjoying this spa for a long time and very happy we have chosen this company to deal with in the future. They are there for you. Always answer questions and will get back to you if you leave a message (usually because they are busy, otherwise they quickly answer their phone). Do your research. Then go to this Company and you will know you did the right thing and made the right choices.

By: Paul

atascadero stove and spa comment I have dealt with the Stove and Spa Center since 2001 and have two of their products, a spa and a pool. I am very satisfied with their service and friendly, professional staff. They are always courteous and very knowledgable about the items and repair needs.

By: Client

Excellent Product, Excellent Service We purchased a Tiger River Caspian spa recently and are completely satisfied with both the spa and the service both during the research purchase decision process as well as the delivery and installation. We couldn’t be more pleased with our spa and with the excellent service that the staff at the Stove and Spa center provided and continues to provide in support of their product.


By: Dena DeMasters

Great customer service We purchased a Harman Pellet insert from Atascadero Stove and Spa last fall and had a very good experience, start to finish. Thank you!

By: Ree, Atascadero, California

I Love My Spa I am so happy with my Hot Springs Spa that I purchased at the Stove and Spa Center in Atascadero. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and always happy to help with any questions about their products. Maintaining my spa is a snap thanks to the great maintenance products sold at Stove and Spa Center. If you are considering purchasing a spa don’t look anywhere else but to Stove and Spa.

By: James, Los Osos California

Best Spa Dealer “I could not be more pleased with the purchase of my Hot Springs Sovereign model spa from the Stove and Spa Center. From the day of purchase,delivery, and installation the entire process was nothing short of professional. If you are considering a spa purchase I would recommend a visit to the Stove and Spa Center. You will appreciate their integrity,expertise and support as you deal with the best Spa Center the Central Coast has to offer”

By: Murphy & Jane

The Best of the Best on the Left Coast The Dawes duo of Wesley and Lora – are second to none!! Fabulous unpressured sales process, combined with excellent follow-up, delivery, and service.. They rep the Porsche of Spa’s (Hot Springs Spas), as well as a fantastic KozyHeat fireplace product lines, both of which we now own and were provided by Atascadero Stove and Spa. Fabulous customer service, and more!! They were timely, right on point – quick to answer questions, delivered the product, installed it, commissioned it, and left us knowing – when and if we need service, they will be there – to hold our bitty bitty hands. A 10 out of a 10 experience. Thanks for being there!! :)

You bring sunshine into our life, you two!

By: Bob and Johanna

Solana Spa Have had the Solana TX for about two weeks and am completely satisfied. The delivery went without a hitch and Wes really knows his stuff. I am a bit challenged on the water maintenance and he was very patient. Lora also provided a “cheat sheet” for getting started which was a great help.
I highly recommend the Stove and Spa Center and encourage you to buy local!

By: AL and Vicky

Very satisfiedWe bought our spa in 2005, the purchase experience and level of service since has been outstanding. Any questions or needs are quickly taken care of. The expertise from the shop is the best around. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. At first we were very unsure about the water chemistry. The guidance provided ended all questions and made us confident spa owners. The line of spas available at the Stove and Spa Center are the best manufactured tubs and most reliable in the market. They work with you to insure you get the proper spa for your needs and are always there for you. Better customer service than any other I have found on the Central Coast.


By: Michael and Debra

We have had our spa for about 2 months now and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Thank you for a wonderful purchase experience. Lora and Wes were very helpful and knowledgable with all of our many questions.

We highly recommend Stove and Spa Center.

By: Faith Damask

I love my new TX hot tub….. I have been soaking in this amazing contraption every evening and some mornings as well since it was delivered (in record time, I might add) and have found that my stress level has dropped significantly and my face seems to keep breaking out in a big smile. Thank you for all your helpful information, great service, and just plain wonderful treatment of me from the time I first walked into your business. Your honesty, forthrightness, and friendliness (not many people would sing Happy Birthday to a customer) make you and your business one in a million. Feel free to use this testimonial in any way you like.
I will tell everyone I know about you and highly recommend a hot tub as birthday present.

By: Dian Gran from Shell Beach

Good Morning Lora:
and The Entire Crew !

First off, I love my spa! It is everything I have always wanted and never thought I would have. You were so accommodating in letting me come in “at almost closing time,” and actually go into the spa’s and try them on for size. It helped me pick the best spa for my family. It’s so special to work with a company that delivers with the excellent service it promises. All the worries about delivery, getting the huge Grandee Spa from the street into the backyard and setting it all up went smoothly. Wes and his crew had everything perking along in no time. My chemical kit was again explained to me, and Wes readily answered all my additional questions.

Lora, you and your team made this a very enjoyable experience, one that was far less complicated than i thought it would be. Thank you so much for being he kind of people that you are. Looking forward to many years of having “good times” in the spa. It’s also reassuring to know you will be there for the future to help us. Thank you so much for everything!

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