Outdoor Products

Let the experts at Stove and Spa Center help you plan, design and build your custom paradise!


Stylish outdoor cooking is the latest trend in entertaining. Choosing the right grill and accessories for your perfect backyard entertainment center is important. Put your personal touch on your outdoor kitchen- a reflection of your lifestyle. We offer both commercial quality grills and premium quality residential grills for every budget. Either way you won’t be disappointed with a grill you purchase from Stove and Spa Center.



Outdoor kitchens offer a wonderful place to connect with family and friends. You can get most of the same options as an indoor kitchen and put those things outdoors, effectively increasing your entertaining space. An outdoor kitchen is housed in an island, constructed from masonry product or a metal frame covered with cement board, which is then faced with either stucco, brick or rock veneer. Stainless steel cabinetry and appliances are added at your design to complete your perfect place to relax.


Outdoor living rooms extend your living space while enjoying nature. Fire products enhance this new space with unique, decorative elements and create gathering places for fun and conversation. Nothing beats relaxing in front of an outdoor fireplace and seeing what nature has to offer at night. With a hot or cold drink in hand, you can definitely say, “this is the good life.”

Fire Pits / Fire Tables

Fire pits or tables, and the effects they produce are an exciting trend in outdoor design. The allure of sitting around a fire ring has been around since the beginning of mankind. Fire provides warmth, light, and relaxation –a dancing flame has a mesmerizing effect that encourages you to unwind. Crushed glass and water can provide beautiful visual effects in your fire pit, and special lighting can enhance your entertaining experience.

Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Introducing the Hottest new line of outdoor Pizza Ovens in Italy! Amazing performance and a great design – made by Italy’s leading manufacturer. Features:
  • Reaches pizza baking temperature – 800 degrees in just 10 minutes!
  • 100% Stainless steel construction–-fully insulated
  • No set up or expensive installation required.
  • Portable. Bring the Pizza oven to the center of your event. Enjoy the fire while you eat.
  • Pizza, Meat, Veggies
  • Very high quality construction and sleek Italian design
  • Skip the cart & build it into your island
There is nothing like pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. Alfa pizza ovens are fun, & super easy to use.

Designing Your Personal Sanctuary

We’re a one-stop shop where we will work with you through every step, ensuring you end up with the perfect outdoor space. Whether it is a kitchen, fire pit, fireplace or pizza oven, we can help you compliment your home and lifestyle. Don’t worry, no project is too small or too large- we provide custom outdoor room designs for any space or budget!
1. Planning
Whether you walk into our store with a specific idea for your outdoor paradise, or none whatsoever, we’ll work with you to understand your outdoor space and how you intend to use the area. We’ll ask questions about space, ventilation, electrical access, plumbing, and more- critical components that are key to proper function, making you happy.
2. Designing
Designing is the fun part and we have a number of BBQ island concepts, fire pits and fireplaces to choose from. Our staff will recommend layouts; equipment and materials to best meet your needs. We will sketch out your outdoor area and refine the design until it is exactly what you like, and then send it to our experts at Outdoor Entertainment Designs (OED). They are our partners who handle the construction of what is desired for your outdoor room. OED will send back a 3D drawing that we will present with your specific quote so everything is easy to understand and laid out in front of you. If more changes are needed we will fine tune the plans with you until your design meets your needs perfectly.
3. Installation
Once the design phase is complete it can take as few as two weeks for the final product to be installed in your backyard (depending on size and scope of project). As your outdoor room products near completion, we’ll schedule an install date- before you know it you will be enjoying your new backyard paradise… Contact us to speak with an experienced sales professional about the steps to start the planning and design of your new outdoor kitchen!