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EPA Wood Fireplaces One of the best ways to heat your home is with an airtight EPA certified wood-burning fireplace. Many people think they have been outlawed in our area, but they are legal if they are EPA Phase 2 certified. A popular option is to remove an older inefficient wood or gas fireplace, then install an energy-efficient model. We are able to do all aspects of the job as a turnkey remodel: one contractor who will do the entire job for you!

Wood Freestanding Stoves There’s nothing like the sound and smell of a real wood fire, and that’s what you get with a woodstove. You can heat your entire home, cook a meal on the top, or go off the grid for heating with a woodstove. Since you are burning a renewable resource, a wood stove not only saves you money but is kind to the environment. We carry a large selection of rolled steel plate and cast iron stoves to meet every design and budget need.

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Wood Inserts Got a masonry fireplace that burns up wood like crazy without giving you any viable heat? Come see how that fireplace can be transformed with a wood-burning insert to heat the bulk of your square footage with a renewable fuel. Typical burn time lasts anywhere from 4-10 hours with one load of wood, and a wood insert can heat anywhere from 1000 square feet to as much as 3000 square feet. Prepare to soak in the warmth while you save.

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Gas Fireplaces There is no hearth product as versatile and convenient as a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces today have such authentic burn patterns that you would swear it is the real thing. With full function remotes that control temperature, flame height and blower speed, you are in control! New technology (intermittent pilot ignition – IPI) allows you to light your pilot with the remote when you turn the fireplace on- no more standing pilot burning up your money. Come see our many burn models to choose your new fireplace.


Gas Freestanding Stoves Many people are swapping out an old woodstove for a clean, programmable gas stove. Imagine coming home after a long hard winter day to a cozy fire already burning and a toasty warm house. Best of all, you are using 60-75% less gas by heating your home with a gas hearth appliance. With styles from antique to soapstone to contemporary you can find the perfect match for your home’s décor.

Gas Inserts The most popular installation we do is to retrofit an inefficient wood fireplace with a high-efficiency gas insert. Why? Ease of use, convenient timed heating cycles, little or no maintenance, fires that look just like the real thing, and a major reduction on home heating costs. Most of our customers wonder why they waited so long to do this. Sound good? Come in and let us show you how easy it is and how much you will save!


Pellet Freestanding Stoves If you heat your home with propane (LP) gas or electricity, a pellet stove is an excellent choice. Most pellet stoves today are completely automated and self-igniting. Besides the ease of heating your home, you will be glad to know that a pellet stove has the highest efficiency of any hearth appliance. It has little or no carbon footprint, using a fuel made from recycled sawdust and woodchips compressed into pellets. What we once used to dump in a landfill is now a fuel source – very innovative! Pellet stove design has recently evolved to produce may beautiful styles.

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Pellet Inserts Tired of seeing all your heat go up your chimney from burning wood in that open fireplace? A pellet insert that can heat up to 2500 square feet will give you a return on your investment that will pay for itself. Our pellet stoves will reliably heat your home for many years to come. Sweaters and blankets can go back in the closet!

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Electric Fireplaces Electric technology has finally arrived and our manufacturers offer stylish fireplaces including traditional, linear and convex styles. These fireplaces are a plug-and-play product; how much easier can it get? And the remote control allows you to change the flame height and brightness of the display. With a built-in heater, an electric fireplace can heat a smaller space like a bedroom or office beautifully with no need for any vent.

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